CV_EMAIL_LISTPeople often focus on building their social media followers and increasing pageviews while forgetting one of the most important things: building your email list. Get started now by signing up for an email marketing service, don’t believe me… read below:


Why Email Marketing Is More Important Then Social Media Marketing

I know this is strange to hear from someone who has made a career from Social Media but it is true. Think about the numbers, when you send out a tweet you are one of maybe a 1000 tweets your followers see in a day. If you send an email you are one out of maybe a 1oo. That comparison alone gives you a great idea of the advanced placement email marketing has over social media marketing.The funniest part about it is, it is much easier to encourage people to sign up for your email list rather then follow you on twitter. From information opt-ins to exclusive sales, newsletter are the best way to give your real readers an inside scoop.


How can you begin growing your email list?

Two strategies

1. Adding  Opt-In Forms РAdding newsletter sign up forms to the right places on your website. The best places I suggest are the top of sidebar, top of your pages and one on your about page. Also if it fits with your brand identity, consider using a pop-up.

2. Eliminating Clutter – When people are confronted with too many options they usually turn around and choose no options. With that in mind, keep your website design clean and simple.


What email service provider do I recommend?

AWeber – This is a great service for big and small businesses


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