Born in Hong Kong and raised in Canada, Rishad Daroo is no stranger to travel. Creating a career around street photography and tourism, Rishad’s work allows him to travel the globe doing what he loves. Recently he spent a weekend in NYC chasing after places he had only seen in photographs. Take a look at Rishad’s words and images below…

Despite all the beautiful landmarks New York City has to offer, I’ve always been most attracted to its underground system. Even though it required hopping fences and dodging oncoming trains, I made it a point to visit the Freedom Tunnel in Harlem – an underground spot I’ve always gushed over in images I’ve seen online. Below are few images from a Saturday afternoon in New York with friend and fellow photographer Arvin Asadi.


Welcome to New York.


Check-in at the Ace Hotel in Midtown Manhattan.


Pit stop.


Bird’s eye.


Taking in the view.


The bright corridors of the 9th Street PATH Station.


Entering the Freedom Tunnel in Harlem.


Portraits with Arvin Asadi.


Line of sight.

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