Here are some easy life hacks to help you get on that next flight out of town:

1. Switch all your bills to a rewards credit card. This is an easy way to get a free flight somewhere, switch your Hydro, Phone Bill etc.. to your credit card so you can start accumulating points faster.

2. Look into international house sitting. This can be an easy and free way to stay somewhere you have always dreamed of and get paid for it. There are several websites available to match homeowner with house-sitter: , and Also offer some ideas or trades to owners of

3. Volunteer as crew on a sailboat. Check out  for listings.

4.  Join CouchSurfing and WWOOF. Both sites are awesome online networks that help travellers connect with local hosts. CouchSurfing members are willing to give travellers a place to sleep for a night or two. WWOOF connects travelers with organic farmers who want to trade room and board for an extra hand.

5.  And lastly if the above are too nomad/gypsetter for you try finding a job that allows you to travel. Try out these careers: Flight Attendant, Au Pair, Peace Corps Volunteer, Busker, Geologist, Cruise Ship Jobs, Yacht Sailor, Navy Sailor, Tour Guide, Travel Agent, Travel Nurse, Freelance Writer/Photographer or try out being an ESL Teacher.

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