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Destination Canada: A Local’s Guide To Whistler


A Local’s Guide To Riding Whistler

The many sides of Whistler Photos: Caley Vanular

Whistler BC, is an amazing place to grow up. The beautiful outdoors, inspiring people and unmatched terrain is an experience only those who visit can truly understand. Especially in the past few years. With the arrival of new restaurants, facilities, retail stores, terrain access, express lifts and more, Whistler has grown from a small ski town to a globally renowned ski resort, featuring a community filled with amazing opportunities for action, adventure, cuisine, and culture.

Follow along as I give you some locals tips to skiing and snowboarding in one of the best places on earth, for the easy riders, powder hounds, park rats and backcountry enthusiasts in your group…


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For The Easy Riders:

Whistler Blackcomb is a huge resort, with over 8,171 acres of skiable terrain. It is smart to take a look at the trail map to get an idea of where you want to ski before you hit the slopes. My favorite morning runs are on the green Family Runs. Featuring beautiful scenery and perfect corduroy, it is a nice way to ease into the morning.


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For The Park Rats: If you or someone in your family is looking to ride park, Whistler Blackcomb has some of the best terrain parks in the world. Ranging from green to extreme, the resort has something for everyone. Whistler’s park is traditionally the novice level park, with fun jibs and welcoming jumps. Blackcomb terrain park is built on a steeper run and hosts a blue, grey and black park. The black park is where you will see professional athletes and Olympians training, it has the biggest jumps and requires a special pass and helmet to ride.


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For The Powder Hounds:

Looking for powder on Whistler Blackcomb? You will need to know where to go. If you are on Whistler and see Peak Chair switch from ‘closed’ to ‘stand-by’, rip on over and jump in line. When it opens, you will experience amazing snow, endless terrain, and big open bowls. Ride back down to the lift and enjoy a show as skiers and snowboarders drop off cliffs viewable from the lift line. You can lap Peak Chair to Red Chair, all day and explore different routes and traverses leading you to some of the best terrain the resort has to offer.

If it is too windy to open Peak Chair on Whistler, take the Peak-To-Peak gondola over to Blackcomb. Blackcomb mountain is steeper and features the new Crystal Ridge Express chair which gives you access to playful terrain and powder-filled glades.


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So many fun things to do just off the Duffy.

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For The Backcountry Enthusiasts:

Not only does Whistler play host to the world-renowned ski resort, Whistler Blackcomb, it also has numerous backcountry access points within a thirty-minute drive. From epic heli skiing, snowmobiling to split boarding, it is worth checking out the operations in the area and getting yourself a guided tour of the surrounding mountains. Only if you want bottomless powder and no lift lines that is…  


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To view this post on The Canadian Tourism Commission’s website visit here. 

Destination Canada: The Unofficial Mayor of Whistler


Known as the ‘Unofficial Mayor’ of Whistler, Rube Goldberg made his mark on the world-renowned ski town for his notable snowboarding, extensive backcountry knowledge, and overall amazing personality. Living in Whistler, British Columbia for over 20 years, Rube developed a way to make the ‘ski bum’ lifestyle a sustainable reality. In the first portion of his Whistler life, Rube worked as a professional snowboarder exploring the Whistler backcountry by snowmobile and filming video parts. As Rube transitioned out of professional snowboarding, he focused his skills on guiding the next generation of snowboarders, owning a painting company and property managing. His love for the town and ability to adapt to new roles has helped him create a comfortable community and the accessibility to snowboard everyday.

Rube Goldberg – Ruckus In The Rockies by Transworld Snowboarding

We sat down with Rube to learn about his productive 2014 season, favorite things about Whistler and his plans for the upcoming season…

Rube, where are you from originally? I am from Hudson, Quebec, Canada.

Where did you spend the most time snowboarding in Quebec? I grew up riding at Mt. Riguad and Mt. Saint Sauveur.

How many years have you been snowboarding? I’ve been snowboarding since 1988.

What inspired you to make the move from Quebec to Whistler? I moved out to Whistler in ’95. I just needed a break from school. I was originally planning on only taking a year off, but that plan fell apart quick.

How did you first get into the Whistler backcountry? Well I was a park rat to start, and then one day I was invited to go for a hike around Whistler and Blackcomb and jump off cliffs and hit big jumps with my friend Rick Johnston for his new movie. Pretty sure his company was called FaceShot Productions. It was awesome! The next year I bought a snowmobile and tried to hang with Treetop Films. They were definitely pushing snowboarding in the backcountry back then. It was not easy to hang. I slowly progressed and from there went on to shoot with a bunch of other crews over the years. Neoproto, Kidsknow, Brainwash, Whiteout, Sandbox.

Did you know anyone living in Whistler before making the big move? I had a few friends that had lived here before I came. They showed me where Tommy Africa’s was!

Can you tell us the top five things you love about Whistler?

  1. The mountains.
  2. The proximity to the mountains.
  3. The proximity to Vancouver.
  4. The snow.
  5. The people.

What are your top five restaurants in Whistler?

  1. The Furniture Warehouse – Cheap food, good people, good vibe.
  2. Samurai Sushi – Quick, easy and tasty.
  3. Splitz Burger – Best burger in town.
  4. Earls – Great company.
  5. Rim Rock – Amazing food.

Where are your favorite places to ride backcountry in Canada? Whistler and Revelstoke.

Where is your favorite place to go Heli-Boarding in Canada? Whistler. Next question.

This year you filmed for The Pathology Project, how did that happen? My good friends Bryan Fox and Austin Smith always come to town and make me do things that I don’t want to do anymore. I can never say no, so I hung out and threw my body around for a few days. The film crew was massive and mixed with skiers and snowboarders just doing what we love to do… Play in the snow!

What are your plans for next year? Will you film a snowboard part again? Well I’m definitely going to keep playing in the snow. If somebody wants to film it then I guess I’ll be filming again.

In the meantime, enjoy some classic videos of Rube snowboarding below…

Shine On – Sandbox Films Trailer
Etienne Gilbert and Rube Goldberg segment in “Sugar Shack”
Kevin Sansalone & Rube Goldberg – Time Well Wasted

W5&H: Mikey LeBlanc Interview

Herschel Supply W5&H

Mikey LeBlanc was once a professional Snowboarder and now co-founder of Holden Outerwear. Below are Mikey’s words on life and such, straight from the heart.

1. Who are you? I have no idea. Really.

2. What do you do? First and foremost, try and spread love.

I work for and co-founded/ co-own HOLDEN Outerwear.

I handle marketing, and like most small businesses many more things day to day.

I enjoy, snowboarding, photos, bike rides, good conversation, etc.

3. Where do you live? VENICE, CA, USA, PLANET EARTH

4. When are you most productive? When I act freely, and I don’t resist any part of the situation at hand.

5. Why outerwear? We make eco-friendlier clothes to keep people feeling good, warm and stylely.

6. How did you get your start? My Mom and Dad this time around. At work I started as a professional snowboarder with an idea to make outerwear that looked like what we wanted to wear every day, and functioned exceptionally well. No one was making gear that transitioned from the MTN to the Street, thats why HOLDEN was a necessity. Before that came skateboarding, which exposed me to so many things, art, music, style, freedom.


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