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Summer Series: Java Fernandez


With plans to explore the Channel Islands, Yosemite National Park, the Mojave desert, and the chuckwalla wilderness, Java Fernandez is no stranger to the outdoors. Recently leaving Portland and Nike for Stance, California’s newest resident, shares some insight into how he spends his summer days…


Who are you?

Hi. My name is Javier Rafael Fernández Gonzáles. But most people know me as Java.

Where do you live?

Yesterday, a moving company called Rambo-Tarzan moved all of my possessions to San Clemente, CA. So I live there now. -seriously, that’s the name of the moving company.

What do you do?

I do all sorts of things. Professionally, I work for a smart little company that makes the world’s finest socks. It’s called Stance. It’s really neat. Personally, I like to keep my life guessing.

Do you usually travel a good amount for work?

I’ve just started a new job, but I’d imagine I’ll be hitting the road quite a bit. Travel has been a big part of my work in the past and I’ve always enjoyed that.

With so many places on the list, where has been your favourite place to visit?

I’ve been lucky enough to have gone just about everywhere and I’d have to say that there is no place on this planet quite as spectacular as the redwood forest. My mind goes to amazing places when I’m there. An honourable mention should be given to Beirut, Lebanon as well. That place is something else.

What are some of your summer hobbies?

In the summer I like to spend time in the woods, ride my dirt bike, and play tennis. This summer is a little different because I’m having knee surgery in a week or two so my hobbies will probably include limping, stretching, reading, and physical therapy.

That is a bummer you are injured, when you aren’t hurt where do you like to do these hobbies?

I’m gonna have to find places for all of these things down here. I’m immediately planning to check out the Channel Islands, Yosemite National Park, the Mojave desert, and the chuckwalla wilderness. I’m also looking forward to riding my bike at Ocatillo Wells and Zaca Station. -but the bike riding will probably have to wait a little while.

You also have a great amount of nice furniture, do you spend a good amount of time looking for certain pieces?

Well, I’ve just moved into my new house and all of my things don’t seem to fit. If anything, I’ll be spending a good amount of time trying to get rid of things. You know anyone looking for an Oregon tanker desk?

What do you look forward to most about summer?

I look forward to sitting around a campfire, sleeping outside, and riding dirt bikes with my friends.

We heard you are big into BBQ’n. What is your best BBQ recipe:

I am a golden grilling god. They call me the pit boss.

Do you have any bands you are listening to this summer?

I’ve listened to Elvis Costello and the Attractions and the new Pixies album a lot lately. I’ve also been listening to loads of country and western music which is something I have never really listened to much. I’ve also been stuck on Morrissey’s Bona Drag for about the last 22 years.


Summer Series: Jared Whitney


The summer is the perfect time to be outside and get out of your comfort zone. To help you take the leap just turn to an app you already use daily, Instagram. Instagram has grown into be an amazing network of like minded people. A way to share your inspirations and daily adventures with more then just your immediate group of friends. Recently we met up with Instagrammer Jared Whitney while hanging out in Encinitas, California. Learn more about what Jared does in the summer and what Instagram means to him below…

Who are you? 

My name is Jared Whitney, I was born and raised in Portland, Oregon.

What do you do? 

Currently by day I am a project coordinator at a medical software company, by night I do music and freelance photography.

What instrument do you play? 

I play acoustic guitar, sometimes I dabble in electric. I also sing.

What are you doing in California? 

I am on vacation enjoying the sunshine. Surfing and eating burritos. I might dip down to Mexico, who knows.

Where is the best burrito you have ever eaten?

There is this place called BJ’s in Pacific City, Oregon that is just phenomenal. No matter what you get it is all the same price and comes with delicious pineapple.

Other then eating burritos, do you have any summer hobbies?

I love a good hike, I abuse my shoes quiet a lot. I like to hike, I like to camp. Pretty much anything with a view I do anything I can do to go see it.

Where is your favourite place to hike in Oregon?

Saddle Mountain on the Oregon coast is really good. It probably has the most satisfying view because you are still about 30 miles inland, but once you get to the top you can see all the mountains of the gorge, the Washington coast and the Oregon coast. You have to bring your A game though, the hike is only 2/3 hours but it has a deadly incline.


Other then hiking and camping, are you looking forward to any music festivals:

I just snagged Jimmy Buffet at Hermosa Beach, for free. An hour of free beach music was pretty killer. As far as music festivals, I missed the blues festival in Portland but you can pretty much hear it from anywhere you are in the city.

What music are you listening to this summer?

I have been really into Wild Club lately it is really fun, peppy.

Do you have any favourite restaurants to go in the city for food?

For brunch I always recommend Besaw’s in Portland. It is a super old establishment probably over 100 years doing the same business serving the same food, it is just incredible. My brother and I go sit outside and the food is grubbing, super good. Pretty much anywhere in Portland you will be doing good on food.

Where is your favourite place to hangout in the city? 

Pretty much anywhere down on NW 23rd. It is one of those zones where you can try different places all the time. A place I went recently was the radio room, they are pretty good on drinks and have a nice patio with a fire pit. All the servers are supper nice and serve you well, it is always hopping.

Do you have any cool projects coming up?

I am working on a great amount of weddings, engagements and anything else I can get my hands on this summer. Other then that just trying to advance more and more in the craft of photography everyday. Along with that I am working with Scott Bakken the founder of the Sociality movement to host the next one in Portland at the end of October. I am working as the ground crew for that event. We are expecting 1000 plus people especially after the amazing results in Calgary. It is just going to be network heaven. It will be awesome because you can meet the people you have followed for a long time and get to learn a little more about the substance of who they really are. Along with that It will be really fun to showcase everything there is to do in Portland to visiting Instagram users.

We noticed on your Instagram feed that you travel a great amount with other influential Instagrammers. How does that come about?

My friend Greg was newer to the west side of Portland and the burbs so we started hanging out a great amount. We both got an Instagram at the same time and would meet folks and go on trips with people we only knew for a few minutes. Whenever you are not working or have a day off you talk the day off and just take the opportunity, pack light and roll with the punches to meet new people.


How do you make contact with other Instagram users?

There will be someone else that says ‘hey we need a crew here’. It is just networking at the end of the day. One of my favourite things to do is connecting folks. I have a communications degree, I love to talk (maybe too much). I love networking that is probably my favourite things to do. Like Grether  who you met, he invented the best way of meeting folks by creating the Instameet and a safe place for people to cultivate community. Instagram only has substance when people meet and engage with each other in person. Thats how I love to meet people and get together.


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Summer Series: Heart Roasters


It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, coffee is always on the agenda. In Portland, Oregon there is one Café that you shouldn’t skip: Heart Roasters on 2211 E Burnside St. From roasting their own coffee to creating a great place to hangout, Heart has you covered. We sat down with CEO of Heart Roasters Rebekah Yli-Luoma to talk about what summer is like at the popular café…


Firstly, tell us a little bit about what you do at Heart Coffee Roasters? Currently, I am the CEO of Heart Roasters, the overseer of all operations you can call it. My role quickly evolved as the company grew and changed.

When was Heart Coffee Roasters created? Wille Yli-Luoma formed Heart Coffee Roasters in 2009, with the idea of creating a café with good coffee where people could hangout. Heart now has two cafés in Portland and sells coffee wholesale at select retailors in North America.

In Portland, coffee is a year-round affair, though the atmosphere of the cafés must change a great amount in the summer. What kind of music are you playing to pair with the pleasurable summer mood? We encourage the baristas to choose the music at the café and they generally know the vibe or style of music they should be playing. If I could only use one word to describe the music in the summer, it would be ‘breezy’.


Is there a popular drink at the café when summer hits? People love our cold brew. It took us a long time to perfect our cold brew to ensure we were giving our customers the best on the market. Now it has become a staple drink when those hot summer days hit.

Sunshine brings many outdoor festivals in Portland. Are there any events you are looking forward to this summer? To be honest we are so busy with Heart, I haven’t even had time to look at who is playing. Heart is both a café and a wholesale coffee-roasting brand. Right now, the team is working on slow and smart growth, which keeps us very busy.


Starting a successful brand must be a round-the-clock job. What do you do when you find yourself with a precious day off? We go to the Gorge, a lot. I would say we go to the Gorge more then the Coast. The Gorge is beautiful, hiking, biking, and just taking time to enjoy the outdoors. Other then the that, we BBQ.

Grilling definitely is one of our favorite activities of summer. Do you have any killer BBQ recipes you can share? We are into grilling; I would say we are year round BBQ enthusiasts. My favorite thing to cook is skirt steak. Skirt steak has the perfect amount of fat, which makes the meat perfectly tender. We simply season the steak with some pepper, olive oil, and finishing salt. Other then steak, I marinate chicken thighs quiet often. My go-to marinade is maple syrup. I use maple syrup on almost anything.


We were told that there is a Heart Roasters futsal team called the ‘Heartbreakers’ can you tell us a little more about the soccer team? Employees of Heart have been playing on a co-ed Futsal team for about a year now. Eight months ago, they created a second team in the men’s league called The Heartbreakers. The Heartbreakers play a game of futsal weekly at the Rose City Futsal club, it has been really fun.



Summer Series: Austin Smith


Hello Summer. This season SAXX presents the Summer Blog Series, featuring inspiring people and places to ensure you are equipped to make the best of those long summer days ahead. From sailing, wedding crashing to glacier snowboarding we caught up with professional snowboarder and co-founder of Drink Water, Austin Smith to learn a bit more about how he spends his hot summer days…


Austin, where are you from and what do you do?

I am from Bend, Oregon. I try to do as much as possible, ride bikes, play hockey, surfing, skateboarding, sailing, traveling, camping, but I am known for my snowboarding.

Snowboarding for a career must allow you to travel to some amazing places. Where are your favorite destinations in the world to travel to for snowboarding?

It really varies depending on what you’re looking for. The north island of Japan has the best snow in the world. Alaska obviously has the best and biggest mountains. Austria and the Alps are usually the most fun trips with a little bit of everything. Lastly, if you want to do a trip in the summer Argentina is the place to go, it is gorgeous down there.

Is snowboarding a year-round job or do you get a summer break?

Last year was pretty nonstop but recently I got knee surgery and it is awesome because it’s the only time I get a real break. Taking breaks gives you time to reassess, reevaluate, reconsider, and refocus, I enjoy it. More office jobs should give sabbaticals, employees would come back either over it and quit or fired up with new ideas.

I agree that a break helps you pause the daily routine and look at it all from a new perspective. With your newfound free time, do you have any summer plans you are looking forward to?

I have a few bike trips planned and Bryan Fox and I host a snowboard race in the summer at Mt Hood called the Rat Race. We are working on that consistently up until the event on July 12th. Other then that I have a few bachelor parties to attend, a few weddings and then maybe hop on my friend Macy and Quintin’s sailboat headed to Australia.

That sounds like a busy summer and all the bike trips will be beneficial for your knee rehabilitation. Other then biking, what sports do you play in the summer?

Last summer I was skating as much as possible but this year it will be more low impact activities: sailing, walking, swimming, just trying to make the most of it.

You are the owner of a Hobie Cat correct? Any sailing trips planned?

The Hobie’s will be at the Rat Race for anyone to rip around on. Besides that, they just live tied up to a tree on a lake outside of Bend, OR and we use them for afternoon lake days.

You seem to spend a great amount of time in the Pacific North West in the summer. What are your favorite summer vacation spot?

Sweaty skate trips to NYC rule, I always end up in Encinitas in the summer, but it is less about the place and more about the people. A big group of us go to Sasquatch every year, and 4th of July in Bend OR is the best destination of them all.

You are known to be quite the wedding hopper. How many weddings are you attending this summer and where are they?

I have 6 weddings to attend thus far, all in the Northwest; it’s going to be a hell of a season.

From sports to weddings, you undoubtedly spend a great amount of time hanging out with friends. Do you have any go-to summer drinks?

Is this a set up? Well especially, post surgery as of now, I just Drink Water. It’s also not a bad option on the hot summer days.

What about the BBQ season? What are your party-favored BBQ recipes?

I usually wait for Curtis Ciszek to catch me a fish, but for the most part, I’m terrible at cooking. I am more of a blender guy, I have a great smoothie menu and a Vitamix that can blend anything.

When you are not listening to the sound of your Vitamix blending the next smoothie do you have a summer playlist you listen to?

I will go to music festivals and dance at weddings, but I’m not too into music. I have all these NPR radio shows that I nerd out on, its my substitution for not going to college.



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Featured: Followed | Part Six

Followed | Part Six

Our Followed series continues this week with the discovery of these five Instagram users. From the tasting room of 33 Acres Brewing Company to the dirt roads of Oregon, you won’t want to miss what these photographers have to offer. Enjoy.

33 Acres Brewing Company, Saxx Underwear, Saxx

1. @33acresbrewingcompany | New local Vancouver brewery 33 Acres Brewing Company brings exquisite taste to not only their beer but also the clean aesthetic of their brewery. The result is this extremely minimal but well thought out Instagram feed. Photographer turned brewmaster.

Saxx Underwear, SAXX, Kenneth Nguyen

2. @kennethnguyen | Kenneth Nguyen is a full time photographer based in Copenhagen. Kenneth brings to life a nice mix of outdoor and urban landscapes.

Caley Vanular, Saxx Underwear, Followed, Saxx

3. @caleyvanular | Adventurer of the Pacific Northwest with a nice aesthetic. Baja Bro.

saxx underwear, heatherjones, instagram, saxx

4. @heatherjones | Based on the West Coast, Heather Jones offers some killer faded shots of the coastline.

saxx underwear, craytx, instagram

5. @craytx | From Texas to Oregon, Miguel McCrary captures some incredible imagery of the great outdoors you won’t want to miss.



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