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World Housing: Emily Henderson Interview

What Does A Home Mean To You: Emily Henderson

 Written by on March 3, 2016

Meet Emily Henderson, Emily is an LA based stylist, T.V. Host, and New York Times Bestselling author of ‘Styled’. She is known for mixing eclectic styles on moderate budgets and her roll as Target’s home spokesperson, bringing accessible/stylish design to the masses. Her iconic aesthetic is influenced by her eclectic taste and love for exploring thrift shops. This convergence of salvage and design has allowed her to carve her own path and share her unique take on a modern day home to a larger audience. As an expert at turning a ‘house’ into a ‘home’ on a budget, we had a conversation with Emily to learn more about what a ‘home’ means to her. Take a moment to read about Emily’s inspirations and feelings towards creating a home below…

Emily, what was it like moving from the small towns of Oregon to NYC and now LA?
Moving from the comforts of home and family to a whole new world with no set game plan was scary for us but I do not regret it one bit. After years in NYC we made the jump to LA which was again a big transition. Home life changed both in size and in the way that we lived – moving from a shoebox to a decently sized apartment was definitely a perk of moving to LA and it was a fresh new start that we were excited for.

When did you first recognize that home design had a piece of your heart?
I have always been interested in design and the way that we live. When I lived in NYC I worked as a shopgirl for Jonathan Adler (who was much smaller back then) which then led to a job in prop styling for editorial and print campaigns in NYC. I loved finding new treasures on the street and bringing them home and making them my own. I look back now and sometimes wonder what I was thinking but the creative process for me was always something that I loved to explore which I think ultimately led me to where I am today.


Your blog is an amazing mixture of personality, design, and inspiration. In addition, your book “STYLED” is the perfect motivational piece for those who are looking to update their homes. What can we expect next?
We have a couple of big things in the mix that you will for sure have to stay tuned for as well as some fun new projects that we are working on. As the blog and company have continued to expand so has a reach as far as the amount of projects and content that we are able to do. We are very lucky in the fact that we get to be creative and enjoy the work that we do every single day.

Home for me is about feeling at peace and at ease with the ones that you love.

What does a “home” mean to you?
Home for me is about feeling at peace and at ease with the ones that you love. We have moved around quite a bit in the last ten years and being in different cities and different apartments or homes have made me realize that it isn’t the actual location that you live that makes something home but it is how you create your own haven for you and your family in that space.


What is your favorite room in your own house, and why?
Right now I am very partial to my living room (although in six months that could change). I love the big open space. The huge floor to ceiling windows and how it has become a place for the family to play and enjoy each other’s company.

Is your home your place of comfort? Do you look forward to coming home and taking your shoes off?
Definitely. Life is chaotic and sometimes we forget that home can be a place of refuge for us after a long hard day. Work and career life has gotten busier for me in the last two years and the days that I do go to the office I look forward to coming home and spending time with my kids. It makes what I do even more worth it, and knowing that I have a home and a space that I love to come home to, obviously makes me very happy.

What is your biggest enjoyment about turning someone’s house into something fantastic?
Having the opportunity to really change the way someone lives is so rewarding. You wouldn’t think that some paint, a few accessories and rearranging a room could transform someone’s life but I really can. It is so fun to take spaces that people have long hated and turn them into a room that they now love to spend time in.

What characteristics do you look for when shopping for a new home?
Go with your gut. When you find a home or space that you love it will usually speak to you (obviously not audibly – I am not that crazy). When we finally found our first home, which we currently live in, as soon as I saw it I knew that it would be our new home. I looked past the dated fixtures, the drop in ceiling, and the gross old carpet to a space that had the potential to become our new haven.

What or Who inspires you to decorate the way you do?
This is a tough question as everything inspires me. My kids, my friends, restaurants or stores we go to, new trends, art, music. There is inspiration in everything around you, you just have to keep your mind open to it. I love visiting new places though that I have never been whether that be a new city, a new country or just a new little restaurant or store down the street that I haven’t ventured into.


How would you describe your unique style?
My style has evolved a lot over the years. There was a period where I loved crazy pops of color all over a room, then it went to a lot of blue, brass, and white, and I now find myself wanting to introduce more color into my own space. My style is a unique mix of vintage, mid-century, comfort and there will always be something a bit unexpected in there.

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World Housing: Justina Blakeney Interview

Written by on January 20, 2016

Here at World Housing we’re excited to introduce a new series of stories that will explore the thoughts and opinions of a wide spectrum of people as they consider the concept of “home” and what makes one feel special. From architects to photographers, artists to interior designers, we’ve opened up this discussion with some of the people who, we believe, know what it truly takes to make a house a home, always anchoring with the question, what does a home mean to you?

Meet Justina Blakeney, Justina is an LA based interior designer and author of best-selling book The New Bohemians. She is known for her use of color, plants, travel, creative reuse and thrifting through interior design. Her iconic bohemian aesthetic is influenced by her multicultural upbringing and love for exploring the world. This convergence of culture and design has allowed her to carve her own path and share her unique take on a modern day home to a larger audience. As an expert at turning a ‘house’ into a ‘home’, we had a conversation with Justina to learn more about what a ‘home’ means to her. Take a moment to read about Justina’s inspirations and feelings towards creating a home below…

Justina-Blakeney-kitchen-5743 copy

Where are you from? What are the strongest feelings of home in your hometown?

I am from Berkeley, CA. Since I no longer live in Berkeley (and my parents no longer live there), I think that when I go back, it’s Tilden Park, and the drive up to the park that feels most like home. Lot’s of other things have changed, but the bends in the road, the smell of the trees, the view from the top of the hill — that still feels like home.

What does home mean to you?

Home to me is a wet canvas…it means creativity, good vibes, relaxation, productivity, music, flux, growth, cuddles, colors, comfort food, warmth…family!

What are your thoughts on how a home can impact our overall happiness?

I believe that having a happy home can have a profound effect on quality of life. Being somewhere where one feels safe, comfortable, and free is intimately connected with happiness. Just like a great outfit can give you added confidence, I think that a great home that reflects your personality can make you feel like your best self.

Justina-Blakeney-living3 copy

How do these thoughts influence your thinking when you’re designing the interior of a home?

I like to try and make a home reflect the owners as much as possible. That means including elements from that person’s family, culture, travels, ideas. Also, I think a lot about color and what that can do for a person’s mood. If a person wants a place to relax, I turn towards beachy serene blues or corals, but if a space is meant to be more exciting or stimulating, I’ll turn to reds and oranges.

What do you look for in a home?
Great natural light, airiness, natural materials, plants, color, items that reflect the owners.

Justina-Blakeney-living2 copy

Have you found ways to design a space that people feel generally happier in?
I think so. My clients in the past have told me that after designing their homes they now love to entertain (when they didn’t before), they enjoy just being at home and relaxing and that they love the way they feel when they get home. That’s huge for me. I wouldn’t necessarily know how to break down how I know how to design spaces that make people happy — it’s a kind of sixth sense maybe?? Or maybe just practice!

What qualities make a house a home?
People, plants, and pets!

Justina-Blakeney-living copy

What can you tell us about your bohemian aesthetic and multicultural upbringing in Berkeley, California?
I could tell you a whole lot about it! But I think what it comes down to is contrast. I think that both my bohemian aesthetic and my multicultural upbringing play in contrasts — different things/people/cultures/colors meeting and creating contrast — which highlights the beauty of the differences and similarities.
What have your travels taught you about the word ‘home’ and what it means to different people?
I think that home is family, and that’s universal.

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