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Kijiji Canada: Second-Hand Van

This past spring I worked with Kijiji Canada on their new YouTube series called: Second-Hand Van. My contribution to the project was to shoot photos, Instagram stories and b-roll video to help promote the project and their presence in British Columbia. Check out the complete project below…





Well Travelled: Port Reyes, San Francisco


Will Suiter is a young landscape and lifestyle photographer from the San Francisco Bay Area, who lives to explore and share his journeys on his popular Instagram account @WillSuiter. Will has made his mark in the digital and analog photography by showcasing his unique eye for composition and fog.

At the start of summer, Will crossed the golden gate north from San Francisco into Marin County, and headed towards Point Reyes, a cape about 30 miles northwest of San Francisco. It’s beautiful grassland is bordered by thick forests, sandy beaches, and jagged cliffs. Take a look at the beautiful images Will captured while spending a few days exploring all the cape had to offer…


​Essentials. Lots of film and camera supplies, to be tucked into my Herschel Supply bag. ​


​​Looking south from the cliffs at Montara, along Highway 1.


My favorite park in San Francisco (and the highest point in the city), Mount Davidson.


​​A fallen eucalyptus tree overlooks a foggy city.


​​The fog got thicker, and we headed north towards our campsite, making sure we wouldn’t have to set up camp in the dark.


​We camped along the Lagunitas Creek in the heart of the redwoods. 35mm film. ​


​6:15 am, starting a fire and getting ready for the day. ​


​My friend Tasos whittling, right before we left and headed to Point Reyes. ​


An old shipwreck near Iverness, CA.


​This road was the only one that goes to the lighthouse. ​


​​A first glimpse of the ocean. 35mm film.


​​Point Reyes is full of cattle, and probably the only place you’ll see cows sleeping on sand dunes. 35mm film.


​There are plenty of steep, high cliffs. 35mm film. ​


​​Inside the old lighthouse keeper’s quarters.


​​Looking to the ocean, as the low clouds started to clear.


​Overlooking a seemingly endless South Beach, the wind at this spot was howling. ​


​We crossed the Golden Gate Bridge south into San Francisco, and headed home.

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Summer Series: Jared Whitney


The summer is the perfect time to be outside and get out of your comfort zone. To help you take the leap just turn to an app you already use daily, Instagram. Instagram has grown into be an amazing network of like minded people. A way to share your inspirations and daily adventures with more then just your immediate group of friends. Recently we met up with Instagrammer Jared Whitney while hanging out in Encinitas, California. Learn more about what Jared does in the summer and what Instagram means to him below…

Who are you? 

My name is Jared Whitney, I was born and raised in Portland, Oregon.

What do you do? 

Currently by day I am a project coordinator at a medical software company, by night I do music and freelance photography.

What instrument do you play? 

I play acoustic guitar, sometimes I dabble in electric. I also sing.

What are you doing in California? 

I am on vacation enjoying the sunshine. Surfing and eating burritos. I might dip down to Mexico, who knows.

Where is the best burrito you have ever eaten?

There is this place called BJ’s in Pacific City, Oregon that is just phenomenal. No matter what you get it is all the same price and comes with delicious pineapple.

Other then eating burritos, do you have any summer hobbies?

I love a good hike, I abuse my shoes quiet a lot. I like to hike, I like to camp. Pretty much anything with a view I do anything I can do to go see it.

Where is your favourite place to hike in Oregon?

Saddle Mountain on the Oregon coast is really good. It probably has the most satisfying view because you are still about 30 miles inland, but once you get to the top you can see all the mountains of the gorge, the Washington coast and the Oregon coast. You have to bring your A game though, the hike is only 2/3 hours but it has a deadly incline.


Other then hiking and camping, are you looking forward to any music festivals:

I just snagged Jimmy Buffet at Hermosa Beach, for free. An hour of free beach music was pretty killer. As far as music festivals, I missed the blues festival in Portland but you can pretty much hear it from anywhere you are in the city.

What music are you listening to this summer?

I have been really into Wild Club lately it is really fun, peppy.

Do you have any favourite restaurants to go in the city for food?

For brunch I always recommend Besaw’s in Portland. It is a super old establishment probably over 100 years doing the same business serving the same food, it is just incredible. My brother and I go sit outside and the food is grubbing, super good. Pretty much anywhere in Portland you will be doing good on food.

Where is your favourite place to hangout in the city? 

Pretty much anywhere down on NW 23rd. It is one of those zones where you can try different places all the time. A place I went recently was the radio room, they are pretty good on drinks and have a nice patio with a fire pit. All the servers are supper nice and serve you well, it is always hopping.

Do you have any cool projects coming up?

I am working on a great amount of weddings, engagements and anything else I can get my hands on this summer. Other then that just trying to advance more and more in the craft of photography everyday. Along with that I am working with Scott Bakken the founder of the Sociality movement to host the next one in Portland at the end of October. I am working as the ground crew for that event. We are expecting 1000 plus people especially after the amazing results in Calgary. It is just going to be network heaven. It will be awesome because you can meet the people you have followed for a long time and get to learn a little more about the substance of who they really are. Along with that It will be really fun to showcase everything there is to do in Portland to visiting Instagram users.

We noticed on your Instagram feed that you travel a great amount with other influential Instagrammers. How does that come about?

My friend Greg was newer to the west side of Portland and the burbs so we started hanging out a great amount. We both got an Instagram at the same time and would meet folks and go on trips with people we only knew for a few minutes. Whenever you are not working or have a day off you talk the day off and just take the opportunity, pack light and roll with the punches to meet new people.


How do you make contact with other Instagram users?

There will be someone else that says ‘hey we need a crew here’. It is just networking at the end of the day. One of my favourite things to do is connecting folks. I have a communications degree, I love to talk (maybe too much). I love networking that is probably my favourite things to do. Like Grether  who you met, he invented the best way of meeting folks by creating the Instameet and a safe place for people to cultivate community. Instagram only has substance when people meet and engage with each other in person. Thats how I love to meet people and get together.


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