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Well Travelled: Krysuvik, Iceland


Katrin Braga is a young inspiring photographer from Iceland who is currently jumping back and forth in between Vancouver and her homeland. She loves traveling and photographing her experiences along the way. Enjoy the words and images by Katrin below…

As an Icelander me and my friends often go on road trips together to experience the beautiful scenery of our homeland. In this trip we decided to visit Krysuvik which is known for it’s geothermal fields, mud pots and colorful soil. The hikes there are short and breathtaking.

HSC_Blog_Iceland_1The road trip begins driving through lava fields

HSC_Blog_Iceland_2Preparing to hike up the mountain

HSC_Blog_Iceland_3The scenery is breathtaking

HSC_Blog_Iceland_4We walk around boiling hot mud pots

HSC_Blog_Iceland_5Burning hot water

HSC_Blog_Iceland_6The weather and the color of the soil changes drastically

HSC_Blog_Iceland_8The colors are breathtaking


A hot spring seen far away


Taking a break and enjoying the scenery

HSC_Blog_Iceland_10Andrean takes a brake after a long hike


Walking to the mist of the hot springs


Trying not to fall into the burning hot springs

HSC_Blog_Iceland_13Colorful soil

HSC_Blog_Iceland_14End of a beautiful day

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Well Travelled: Sayulita, Mexico

Here is a blog I worked on with Herschel SupplyAlana Paterson and Mila Franovic.


Based on the West Coast, Alana Paterson is a Canadian photographer known for her notable work with lifestyle publications and brands worldwide. Take a look through some of her recent images and words below…

I took this trip with my good bud and favourite stylist Mila Franovic. It was meant to be a relaxing holiday to celebrate the end of my seasonal work year on my family farm… and Mila wanted to tan. But of course we ended up making it a working holiday. A stylist and a photographer travelling together could never just chill. So we shot an editorial down there for this french surf magazine, Desillusion and also this photo-set for you all.


Its only a four hour flight!! Two rom coms and your there. But the flight will go faster if you don’t watch the rom coms.


As you can see it was pumping in Sayulita


This kid…






The road to San Pancho


William Eggleston tribute


The mighty Mignot family home


Only the finest of robes and ropes for this beast




Still Lost


Mila matching the local geology


Clam down everybody


Sea caves


More sea caves


Some fine Herschel Supply goods and some fine Mexican flora.


Israel the chill homie


Playa Los Muertes


Some fine mexican fauna.


Catch me poolside


Still poolside


Magic moments


Later Mexico!!

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Well Travelled: Los Angeles, California

Check out the latest Well Travelled I worked on with Herschel Supply and Rachael Wright


With winter creeping in, photographer Rachael Wright escaped to the West Coast to avoid grey skies and falling temperatures. Experience her trip to California with the words and images captured below.

I’m thinking about moving to LA at some point, so this trip was kind of a reconnaissance mission to see if my New York sensibilities could handle laidback LA living. I’m in love with the light in California – they don’t call it the Golden State for nothing – so it wasn’t too hard to win me over.

Los Feliz and Silverlake are great, and Echo Park delivered some very strong tacos (Guisados – big thumbs up) but my heart belongs to the Westside, specifically Venice, with its palm trees, epic sunsets and the Pacific Coast Highway to Malibu…

1. Herschel Supply Co_Well Travelled_CALIFORNIA_Rachael Wright-29

The best kind of trip

2. Herschel Supply Co_Well Travelled_CALIFORNIA_Rachael Wright-2Someone forgot to tell Hollywood the sun isn’t supposed to stop shining in California…

3. Herschel Supply Co_Well Travelled_CALIFORNIA_Rachael Wright-3Teeny-tiny library in Larchmont Village

4. Herschel Supply Co_Well Travelled_CALIFORNIA_Rachael Wright-1Be-smogged palm trees in Los Feliz

5. Herschel Supply Co_Well Travelled_CALIFORNIA_Rachael Wright-4An alternative view of the Hollywood sign and Downtown LA. Well worth the two-hour hike.

6. Herschel Supply Co_Well Travelled_CALIFORNIA_Rachael Wright-6Venice Canals

7. Herschel Supply Co_Well Travelled_CALIFORNIA_Rachael Wright-5The houses on the canals have parking spots for their environmentally-friendly Priuses in the back and moorings for their environmentally-friendly rowboats in the front.

8. Herschel Supply Co_Well Travelled_CALIFORNIA_Rachael Wright-7Only in LA and only on Venice Beach

9. Herschel Supply Co_Well Travelled_CALIFORNIA_Rachael Wright-8Making friends with the locals

10. Herschel Supply Co_Well Travelled_CALIFORNIA_Rachael Wright-9My favorite LA neighborhood by far

11. Herschel Supply Co_Well Travelled_CALIFORNIA_Rachael Wright-10Where’s David Hasselhoff?

12. Herschel Supply Co_Well Travelled_CALIFORNIA_Rachael Wright-25Every route to Malibu is the scenic route. This one takes you through the Santa Monica Mountains.

13. Herschel Supply Co_Well Travelled_CALIFORNIA_Rachael Wright-14The perfect size for road tripping

14. Herschel Supply Co_Well Travelled_CALIFORNIA_Rachael Wright-15Malibu digs

15. Herschel Supply Co_Well Travelled_CALIFORNIA_Rachael Wright-11Staircase to El Matador Beach – a hidden cove off the PCH

16. Herschel Supply Co_Well Travelled_CALIFORNIA_Rachael Wright-12Stranger on the beach with a Settlement Backpack

17. Herschel Supply Co_Well Travelled_CALIFORNIA_Rachael Wright-13Faceless self-portrait… while being photobombed by a shooting star

18. Herschel Supply Co_Well Travelled_CALIFORNIA_Rachael Wright-18Fish tacos and root beer for breakfast at Neptunes

19. Herschel Supply Co_Well Travelled_CALIFORNIA_Rachael Wright-16Morning surf

20. Herschel Supply Co_Well Travelled_CALIFORNIA_Rachael Wright-19Beach color palette

21. Herschel Supply Co_Well Travelled_CALIFORNIA_Rachael Wright-17Searching for the perfect break

22. Herschel Supply Co_Well Travelled_CALIFORNIA_Rachael Wright-20Hanging around

23. Herschel Supply Co_Well Travelled_CALIFORNIA_Rachael Wright-21

I almost don’t want to tell you about The Old Place, as it’s a locals’ only secret spot… It was Steve McQueen’s favorite hangout back in the day and it’s the most vibey place I’ve ever been

25. Herschel Supply Co_Well Travelled_CALIFORNIA_Rachael Wright-24The gates at the back of The Old Place look like they’re made from giant antlers

26. Herschel Supply Co_Well Travelled_CALIFORNIA_Rachael Wright-27I can think of worse places to meditate

27. Herschel Supply Co_Well Travelled_CALIFORNIA_Rachael Wright-26All tuckered out

28. Herschel Supply Co_Well Travelled_CALIFORNIA_Rachael Wright-28Sunset/Moonrise. Goodnight Malibu.

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Well Travelled: Kalalau Trail, Hawaii.

Herschel Supply Well Travelled

The 11 mile trail edges beautiful cliffs and provides a scenic view of waterfalls and steep narrow valleys leading to the wild ocean. Take a moment to view images and words from Caley Vanular below.

The journey starts off with a well travelled two mile hike in mud… Watch your step.

Take a break at the first beach.

Have a snack and soak up some rays.

Watch the power of the ocean.

Double knot your laces, you are in for a long walk.

The endless path ways, rugged river crossings and step valleys below are sure to keep your mind racing as you walk the 11 mile trail.

The long and testing trail eventually comes to an end in a big open oasis.

Wild green grass and vibrant red mud welcomes you to the start of paradise.

Finally. Your sore muddy feet have made it to paradise, Kalalau Beach. Take off your shoes, jump in the ocean and sleep in the caves. Stay as long as you can, this is beach is just the beginning…

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Well Travelled: Berlin, Germany

Herschel Supply Well Travelled

To truly grow as a person you must leave the comforts of your home and explore. Join Stefen Ursulan as he travels with three friends to Berlin to find what they are looking for… Take a moment to view Stefans words and images below…

I chose to go on this trip with three of my travelling cohorts, of whom share mutual artistic interest. We set off hoping to broaden our cultural perspective, bring life to European history and explore the photographic potential that lies within European textures and scape.

Pre-flight snackery

Perks of a window seat

Frankfurt Central Station/Frankfurt am Main Hauptbahnhof

Tomorrows champions

Smartphone withdrawals

Station intrigue

Kreuzberg wildlife

Pitstop at the Berlinische Galerie

Pup needs a break from the bustle of city

Exploring Berlin’s parks

Street sax caught my attention over a competing preteen pop star

Comfortable in our temporary home

All photos submitted were shot on traditional 35mm B+W film.

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Herschel Supply: W5&H – Chris Burkard

Herschel Supply W5&H

Already a Senior Staff Photographer at twenty-six, Chris Burkard was quick to carve a name for himself in Action Sports photography. Read about Chris below…


1. Who are you?

I am Chris Burkard.. central California native, and bodysurf enthusiast..and love of the outdoors..

2. What do you do?

I am a senior staff photographer for surfer magazine… I shoot a lot of outdoor lifestyle, adventure, and tomfoolery for outdoor brands.. but I’m most known for my editorial style and landscape perspective.

3. Where do you live?

The small beach town of Pismo Beach.. its’ more known for clam chowder and sand dunes than perfect waves.

4. When are you most productive?

In the cold climates of the North Atlantic.. I have never been content with sipping down pina coladas in the south pacific.. and in some way I get a sick sense of accomplishment freezing my but off chasing elusive waves in freezing and remote places.

5. Why photography?

For me, photography just became the most perfect medium for expression, it honestly made the most sense.. I did a lot of art through high school , drawing, clay, paint.. but I hated being tied to a classroom or stuck with and easel on a cliff.. I wanted to be apart of the action.. so photography made the most sense.. it was like a perfect extension of my body.. I could take it in the surf, the mountains, and pretty much anywhere in between.

6. How did you get your start?

My first passion was for shooting landscapes.. that was all I cared about.. so when I first started I went to the desert southwest and just explored.. I eventually combined my passion for being in the water and bought a waterhousings and started shooting friends surfing.. I was sending images to Transworld Surf, and I had a photo editor that gave me some great feedback.. Eventually I was offered an internship.. and the rest is history.. I learned a lot from that experience.. it really made me think hard about how to actually contribute to magazines.. so I started tailoring my work towards editorial..and it made me think in terms of telling the story.



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