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Destination Canada: Vision Airs Interview

Leanne Pelosi - Pillow Header

Calgary, Alberta native Leanne Pelosi is no stranger to competitive sports. Once a member of the Junior National Soccer Team, Leanne made a life changing decision by leaving soccer and moving to Whistler, British Columbia to pursue her other passion, snowboarding. Leanne quickly proved herself in the snowboard industry and later went professional. Fast forward 10 years and Leanne has positioned herself as one of the most influential female riders of the last decade by operating her own all-girls movie production, winning countless snowboard contests and awards, and she is nowhere close to slowing down…


We caught up with Leanne to talk about her latest two-year snowboard project: Vision Airs.

What is your new web series ‘Vision Airs’ all about?

My inspiration for snowboarding is constantly changing, depending on where I am and who I’m with at a particular time. I’ve realized that throughout the years of my career as a professional snowboarder, I fed off creative energy from certain snowboarders and I always try to emulate their creativity in my own way. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched legendary snowboarder Gigi Ruf video parts! So this past season I created my own web series called ‘Vision Airs,’ which is about riding with masters of their own craft, whether it’s in the park, the backcountry or the streets. I’ve realized that if you surround yourself with passionate people, it will bring you to a whole new level. So that’s what I focused on. And I had a great winter!

What brought an Alberta native to British Columbia?

When I was at the University of Calgary studying Biomechanics, all my friends were making the trip to Whistler. All I kept hearing about was how much it snowed, ALL THE TIME. I begged my parents to let me live there for just one year and they said fine if I finish my degree first. So I moved to Whistler after I finished, and that one year is now ten. I love the lifestyle, the people, the culture… Whistler has so much to offer for a mountain town that is so close to a big city like Vancouver.

Traveling for snowboarding over the past 10 years must have enabled you to ride some of the best powder in the world. Out of all the places you have been, where is your favourite place to travel for filming?

My favourite place to travel for filming is in my own backyard. I love beautiful British Columbia.

My favourite place to travel for filming is in my own backyard. I love beautiful British Columbia. The snow conditions are not like anywhere else in the world; it’s consistent and it’s good. What I love about the Whistler backcountry is that because the snow is coastal, the avalanche conditions are relatively stable. And that’s good when you’re spending most of your year out there.

Some of the best powder of my life has been at home in the backcountry. However, I can’t forget to say something about the interior; between Whitewater, Revelstoke, Golden and BaldFace, you can’t go wrong.

If you could go on the ultimate snowboard trip anywhere in the world where would it be?

One place that is on my radar is Mica Heli. It looks like they have the most insane pillow lines ever and with the champagne powder they have in the interior, it seems like that would be a really fun place to go shred. I’d love to go there to film pillow lines.

What are your plans for this winter season?

Plans for the next season… I am teaming up with Kingfisher Heli and I’m going to be coaching heli assisted women’s split board trips in March. Check out more info on Kingfisher Heli here.

I am also working on a new film project based around snowboarding in my own backyard.

Watch Vision Airs below:

Vision Airs Episode 1 – British Columbia Backcountry
Vision Airs Episode 2 – Rails in Sweden
Vision Airs Episode 3 – Hakuba, Japan
Vision Airs Episode 4: Summer Riding

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Tamanawas Falls, Oregon

Earlier this summer Cale, Maya, Bryan and I went on a hike to Tamanawas Falls right off the Sherwood Trailhead near Mt. Hood, Oregon. The hike in is pretty mellow,  it is only about two miles to the waterfall with very little  incline.  Take a moment to view some of the photos I shot using a Nikon F camera with Portra 400 film…

CaleyVanular_TamanawasFalls_05 CaleyVanular_TamanawasFalls_06 CaleyVanular_TamanawasFalls_07 CaleyVanular_TamanawasFalls_08 CaleyVanular_TamanawasFalls_09 CaleyVanular_TamanawasFalls_11 CaleyVanular_TamanawasFalls_12 CaleyVanular_TamanawasFalls_13

For full details on how to get to the Tamanawas Waterfall in Oregon click here. For more of my photography check out and follow my photography Tumblr. 

Cape Kiwanda, OR


My favourite part of Oregon is the coast. I have spent some of the best days of my life wondering around that coast line, looking for trees to hang my cold wet wetsuit on. The coast has so many beautiful coves and hiding places. One of our favourite places to surf ( due to the drive on beach access) is Pacific City, Oregon which is also called Cape Kiwanda. Cape Kiwanda has this beautiful escarpment you can climb and take in the power of the ocean and the wild colours of the rock. Here are some photos I found from a few of us wondering around the rocks… 0215139-R1-31-5 0215139-R1-32-4 0215139-R1-33-3

Well Travelled: Highway 395 California


Known for her popular Tumblr account Cheynesaw , Cheyne Brooking is a talented illustrator and photographer from the Eastern Sierra’s of California. Recently Cheyne took a trip to California’s Highway 395, capturing the sights along the way for Well Travelled.Highway 395 is the gateway to some of the most interesting places in California. In the middle of nowhere, beyond the expansive desert, dilapidated homes and “No Trespassing” signs stand deserted mining towns, abandoned airplane hangars, train graveyards, and world famous landmarks. For Cheyne, it’s also the road home – the long stretch between Southern California and the Eastern Sierra’s. Sometimes you just need to get in the car and go, follow along as Cheyne does just that…


Our first stop well outside of OC, Kramer Junction.


Kramer Antique’s has everything from old signs and gas pumps to hot rods and old airplanes.


A train graveyard. These shipping containers have been here for as long as I can remember.


Taking a walk across the Olancha Dunes. Good place for 4 wheel drive, bad place for 2 wheel drive…


Spongebob does not live in a pineapple under the sea. He lives here.


The Alabama Hills sit right at the base of Mt. Whitney. The Lone Ranger, Star Trek and Django all had scenes filmed here.


Mt. Whitney and her sisters casting shadows on the valley.


Halfway up Whitney Portal Rd. The trailhead for Mt. Whitney is only 20 minutes from the 395.


Danika embracing her inner canine on the way to Bodie, CA.


Bodie was a boomtown during the gold rush and the second largest city next to San Francisco before it burnt down. Peering into the crumbling electrical building.


The mill. There’s gold in dem der hills…


Disturbing the fishermen in Gull Lake. The water was probably still snow this morning.


Next stop – Yosemite. Dad stands next to what could probably be considered one of the youngest Sequoias in the grove. Still, it was probably there when the Colosseum was built…


Feeling small and loving it.


Tuolomne meadows in Yosemite. “The lake is good to swim in, right? It’s probably warm enough by now? Let’s feel.”


Yosemite Falls, upper and lower. Standing in the middle of the valley with granite shooting up thousands of feet all around us.


How we know we’re on the right road and we’ll be home soon. JLA is snowboarding.

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Summer Series: Austin Smith


Hello Summer. This season SAXX presents the Summer Blog Series, featuring inspiring people and places to ensure you are equipped to make the best of those long summer days ahead. From sailing, wedding crashing to glacier snowboarding we caught up with professional snowboarder and co-founder of Drink Water, Austin Smith to learn a bit more about how he spends his hot summer days…


Austin, where are you from and what do you do?

I am from Bend, Oregon. I try to do as much as possible, ride bikes, play hockey, surfing, skateboarding, sailing, traveling, camping, but I am known for my snowboarding.

Snowboarding for a career must allow you to travel to some amazing places. Where are your favorite destinations in the world to travel to for snowboarding?

It really varies depending on what you’re looking for. The north island of Japan has the best snow in the world. Alaska obviously has the best and biggest mountains. Austria and the Alps are usually the most fun trips with a little bit of everything. Lastly, if you want to do a trip in the summer Argentina is the place to go, it is gorgeous down there.

Is snowboarding a year-round job or do you get a summer break?

Last year was pretty nonstop but recently I got knee surgery and it is awesome because it’s the only time I get a real break. Taking breaks gives you time to reassess, reevaluate, reconsider, and refocus, I enjoy it. More office jobs should give sabbaticals, employees would come back either over it and quit or fired up with new ideas.

I agree that a break helps you pause the daily routine and look at it all from a new perspective. With your newfound free time, do you have any summer plans you are looking forward to?

I have a few bike trips planned and Bryan Fox and I host a snowboard race in the summer at Mt Hood called the Rat Race. We are working on that consistently up until the event on July 12th. Other then that I have a few bachelor parties to attend, a few weddings and then maybe hop on my friend Macy and Quintin’s sailboat headed to Australia.

That sounds like a busy summer and all the bike trips will be beneficial for your knee rehabilitation. Other then biking, what sports do you play in the summer?

Last summer I was skating as much as possible but this year it will be more low impact activities: sailing, walking, swimming, just trying to make the most of it.

You are the owner of a Hobie Cat correct? Any sailing trips planned?

The Hobie’s will be at the Rat Race for anyone to rip around on. Besides that, they just live tied up to a tree on a lake outside of Bend, OR and we use them for afternoon lake days.

You seem to spend a great amount of time in the Pacific North West in the summer. What are your favorite summer vacation spot?

Sweaty skate trips to NYC rule, I always end up in Encinitas in the summer, but it is less about the place and more about the people. A big group of us go to Sasquatch every year, and 4th of July in Bend OR is the best destination of them all.

You are known to be quite the wedding hopper. How many weddings are you attending this summer and where are they?

I have 6 weddings to attend thus far, all in the Northwest; it’s going to be a hell of a season.

From sports to weddings, you undoubtedly spend a great amount of time hanging out with friends. Do you have any go-to summer drinks?

Is this a set up? Well especially, post surgery as of now, I just Drink Water. It’s also not a bad option on the hot summer days.

What about the BBQ season? What are your party-favored BBQ recipes?

I usually wait for Curtis Ciszek to catch me a fish, but for the most part, I’m terrible at cooking. I am more of a blender guy, I have a great smoothie menu and a Vitamix that can blend anything.

When you are not listening to the sound of your Vitamix blending the next smoothie do you have a summer playlist you listen to?

I will go to music festivals and dance at weddings, but I’m not too into music. I have all these NPR radio shows that I nerd out on, its my substitution for not going to college.



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Dog Mountain, WA


Taking time out of the week to go on local hikes has become an important aspect of my life. Slowing down and coming to realization that you don’t always need to fly across the world to find adventure. This past Tuesday, Ashley Barker and I hiked up a popular hike called Dog Mountain in Washington’s famous Gorge. We headed to the trailhead later in the afternoon, just in time to ascended the mountain for some glorious late afternoon light.  The colourful wildflowers were unlike anything I had ever experienced,  we spent the entire afternoon frolicking around in their beauty.  After watching the sunset we descended the mountain wearing headlamps and smiles. This hike was easy and beautiful, we will be back dog mountain.



Photos taken on Nikon F using Portra 400 35mm Film by Caley Vanular

Well Travelled: Nova Scotia, Canada.


For our latest Well Travlled we bring you, Kealan Shilling. Kealan Shilling was born and grew up on the North Shore of Massachusetts in a small town called Marblehead. Chasing dreams of snow, surf, and a rambling roadside, Kerouac inspired life; at age 18 he hit the road and never looked back. Ride along with Kealan as he ventures off on a surf trip to Nova Scotia, Canada with professional surfer, Dean Petty.


Dean Found His Long Lost Friend


It is always interesting trying to find time to do work on the road


Especially when wondering around Nova Scotia


We searched for the perfect surf


The endless fields and adventures lead us to some amazing spots


Found some swell just down the way


Dean surfed until dawn


Our friends came out to watch


We stayed in this rustic house that looked like it was going to topple over


From there we would drive for hours searching for new breaks


Equipt to rip


The landscapes in Nova Scotia are amazing


And so is the surf…


Wet and cold seal-looking human


I could explore this area for months


In the morning we would check the swell & drink coffee


Testing his toes on the nose


Surfing camp fires were essential…


…To stay warm for sunset sessions


The view from our rickety old house was insanely beautiful


Reviewing the work captured

Enjoyed Nova Scotia? Explore the rest of the Well Travelled series or view more of Kealan’s photography here

Well Travelled: Oaxaca, Mexico


Adrian Morris is an artist and photographer currently traveling the world and creating beautiful imagery. Join him on a recent trip through Mexico as he captures his surroundings for Well Travelled…

This series of photos is the start of a journey I have begun in Mexico, that I will carry through to South America. Initially I just wanted to escape a cold and rainy London winter, but life on the road has been too great to stop now. The trip you see here is of me and a few friends adventuring along the Pacific Coast of Mexico and up through the mountains of Oaxaca. Enjoy!


Planning the Journey under the shade of Palm Trees


Playa de Mermejita


Exploring Punta Cometa


The guys trying to look like studs on Playa San Augustinillo


Making use of my Herschel Tote bag in La Punta, Puerto Escondido


Boat riding through Laguna Chacahua, Herschel luggage up the front


Local kids fishing in Laguna Chacahua


Lazy afternoon in Chacahua


Local kids of Chacahua


Back of a truck heading up the mountain backroads


Climbing up to some mountain caves in Tepoztlan


Looking over Tepoztlan


Siesta with a view


Mountain Caves, Tepozlan


Mexicano local


Looking over Oaxaca from Monte Alban


Hierve el Agua – the most ridiculously beautiful place


Swim time!


Swim time part 2


Back down the mountain – Back of a truck sunset style


Back of the truck down the mountain camera in hand


The lush life in San Jose Del Pacifico


Mountain Shave


Our Spot in San Jose


Enjoying the late afternoon cloud show from the roof


Cheesy San Jose Sunset shot

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10 Tips To Promote Your Website, On Your Website.

10 Tips To Promote Your Website, On Your Website.

So you have a website and social networks, great. Now you need to let people know about them.

Here are 10 easy tips to help you promote your website, on your website:


1. Search Engine Optimization ( SEO )

SEO is the process of changing the coding and keywords used on your website to affect the visibility of your website in search engines search results. Ensuring your website and content is SEO optimized will help your website end up at the top of the search results to help new customers find you.

2. Interesting & Updated Content

Content, Content, Content. Content is king in the digital world. To keep your website relevant and worth returning to, you need to create interesting and updated content. Updated content helps with SEO and retaining customers while working as an easy way to promote your brand and become a leader in your industry.

3. Free products, Services & Downloads

This can be anything from a song download to free webinars. Give your customers a taste of what you offer. We can call it: website bait.

4. Follow, Share & Subscribe Features

Ensure your website makes it easy for users to sign up for your newsletter, follow your social accounts and share your content. This is the internet’s version of WOMM (Word Of Mouth Marketing), which is considered one of the most effective forms of marketing. If you increase your followers and engagement you increase your chances of people talking to people and selling your products for you.

5. FAQ Page

This one is a no brainer, save your customers time and effort by answering frequently asked questions before they ask them. If you don’y know what your FAQ’s are, listen to your customer service emails. You will see a trend early on, use the most commonly asked questions for your FAQ section. If you do this properly it could save you a sale as customers won’t have to wait for a response to learn about your product warrantee.

6. Photo & Video

A picture tells a 1000 words, still stands true in the internet world. Win over your customers with well photographed products, visual storytelling and worthwhile videos. Tell the story of your brand through your images.

7. Interactive features (login, upload or comment)

Having a login or member feature to your website allows users to save custom settings, leave comments and reviews and save shipping information. This feature makes using your website easier for them, while granting you a complete database of consumer data to use for your online marketing. i.e. your target market’s age and location.

8. Social Media Contests

Social Media Contests are great for you and your customers. Through contests you can gain valuable email lists, customer data, free promotion and social media following by hosting newsworthy contests for your customers to participate in. A great example of this is the ‘dream job’ contests put on by tourism boards to promote their country or remote island. Applicants create videos and content for the brand while telling all there friends to visit the brands website to vote for them to win. This amount of online word of mouth promotion can’t be bought and could potentially only cost you some product.

9. Blogroll & Friends Lists

Help your customers out with recommendations for brands that align with your service. This could be anything from a simple list of hyperlinks to companies/people you like to brands that compliment your product directly. If you sell blenders, recommend a great website to buy bulk frozen fruit or a smoothie recipe blog. It is simple, promote their website and they will promote your website.

10. Newsletter

Set up a newsletter for your website right now. You could harness the advantage of being 1 in 100 vs. 1 in 10000 by simply gathering interested viewers emails. Learn more about setting up a newsletter here. 

– –

Want to know 10 ways to promote your website, off your website? Find out how, here.


How do you promote your website on your website? Leave your suggestions in the comments section below.

Grouse Parks | Wanted: March 2014

Grouse Parks - Caley Vanular- Wanted

The season is in full swing and that means it’s time to get radical. If you don’t already have a good boarding pack pick one up, I suggest the ever stylish Riding pack fromPoler Stuff and to add some flare pick up a West America patch to represent. Next help yourself to some Made in America outerwear from Owner Operator.  Pair your kit with some Ashbury Goggles and Hestra Guide Gloves to keep your extremities dry. Stay radical on a Spring Break Snowboard equipped with crab grabs (which are almost better then bindings). Lastly, pick up a solar powered goal zero because you never know when you will need to recharge.


Have a fun March!

Caley V

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Selected Sounds: The Vaccines


Formed in 2010, indie rock group The Vaccines are no strangers to success. The band’s freshman album was the best-selling debut album of 2011 in the UK, propelling the group into the spotlight and drawing sound comparisons to The Ramones, Jesus Mary & Chain and The Strokes. Their second album landed them at #1 on the same charts and led to their first headlining tour in 2013. Taking time out from a busy tour schedule, guitarist Freddie Cowan shares an exclusive playlist inspired by his favorite artists for this week’s Selected Sounds.


How do you find the music you listen to?

I like to find a starting point then work backwards to find the deeper roots of what I’m listening to – a lot of good stuff crops up like that. I guess that’s the old fashioned way to do it…

Mixcloud is a good one because you can see who is DJing what, which artists and other musicians are really into.

Another great way is to ask friends for mixtapes. You get all their hard trawling compacted into an hour’s worth of their own personal greatest hits. In fact compilations from friends or labels are usually where I find the most new music I like.

What is your favourite way to enjoy music?

I like walking around with my iPod on shuffle. I was in Hyde Park at dusk when an early Ray Charles recording came on. It really intensified all my senses and what I was seeing and hearing was made more beautiful by the pairing.

What excites you about finding new music?

It’s exciting to hear new innovations and people with bold ideas. I think hip hop is in such a healthy place and it’s attracting some of the best talent. It feels like its being pushed in a direction of ‘say what you want and do what you want’, rather than trying to adhere to any safe and tested structure, which I think is healthy and cultivates some of the most interesting music.

It’s similar to how jazz was in the 1950s. One person does something that totally changes the game and then somebody else takes that, rips it up and develops it into something else. It’s exciting to witness.

What tracks/and or artists comprise your personal soundtrack right now?

One artist I’m really into now is Robert Fripp. The guy is so heavy – the way he plays encapsulates everything I love about the guitar. He has great ideas and an enormous technical vocabulary, which he lends to the song, never overplays and fills the right space. All in aid of the song, rather than any kind of technical showmanship.

‘Heroes’ by David Bowie has Fripp on it – that wonderful soaring sound, totally from another world. In borrowed words, it makes the experience of listening to it almost transcendent.

Also, Paul White, a British hip hop producer who’s starting to break. What he does with his sound is amazing.

Who do you trust to give an honest evaluation of new tracks?

We trust each other really. I don’t think anyone is a harsher critic of what we do than ourselves. But we also welcome critique if it’s coming from the right place.

Enjoyed the interview? Explore the rest of the Selected Sounds series or listen to more mixes on the Herschel Supply SoundCloud page.

Well Travelled: Krysuvik, Iceland


Katrin Braga is a young inspiring photographer from Iceland who is currently jumping back and forth in between Vancouver and her homeland. She loves traveling and photographing her experiences along the way. Enjoy the words and images by Katrin below…

As an Icelander me and my friends often go on road trips together to experience the beautiful scenery of our homeland. In this trip we decided to visit Krysuvik which is known for it’s geothermal fields, mud pots and colorful soil. The hikes there are short and breathtaking.

HSC_Blog_Iceland_1The road trip begins driving through lava fields

HSC_Blog_Iceland_2Preparing to hike up the mountain

HSC_Blog_Iceland_3The scenery is breathtaking

HSC_Blog_Iceland_4We walk around boiling hot mud pots

HSC_Blog_Iceland_5Burning hot water

HSC_Blog_Iceland_6The weather and the color of the soil changes drastically

HSC_Blog_Iceland_8The colors are breathtaking


A hot spring seen far away


Taking a break and enjoying the scenery

HSC_Blog_Iceland_10Andrean takes a brake after a long hike


Walking to the mist of the hot springs


Trying not to fall into the burning hot springs

HSC_Blog_Iceland_13Colorful soil

HSC_Blog_Iceland_14End of a beautiful day

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