Brands and Retailers have been observing rapid growth in Pinterest activity, and are quickly discovering the power of Pinterest to drive viral brand awareness, website traffic and sales conversion. Looking to get your brand involved? Check out some tips and stats on Pinterest below.. 

Pinterest has always been a bit on the back-burner for me in regards to Social Media Networks. As a marketer it definitely appeared to be mainly female based content and user. Although, times have changed and Pinterest has expanded to become a highly influential ROI marketing machine.

Check out the Pinterest Stats: 

• 70 million users
• #4 traffic driver to e-Commerce websites
• Average Order Value of $169, compared
to $95 for Facebook and $71 for twitter
• Pinterest users spend 1 hour 17 min a month on Pinterest

Seems okay right? Need more convincing…

Here Are Ways Pinterest Contributes To Your Brand: 

– Increased web traffic – The more pins from your website the more traffic you will get. #inboundlinks

– Increased sales – traffic from Pinterest is discovery traffic with high purchase intent.

– Merchandising Insight – Find out which content is popular and trending on Pinterest and can help you make inventory decisions.

– Increased branding and positioning. Become a ‘tastemaker’ on Pinterest can help you position your brand in the marketplace and drive viral reach for your visual content.

Some Board Strategies and Best Practices 

Your board strategy should be driven by your brand strategy, a reflection of the message you want to put into the marketplace. your boards are an extension of your brand, and visually communicate the way you want people to perceive your brand.


– Create Unique Board Content – Organize and curate your boards in a way that delivers a different experience from your website, providing good reason to explore and re-pin from them.

– Mix Up Your Board Content – Focus on mixing up your content with complimentary lifestyle and related imagery that helps convey an aspirational brand identity for people to relate to and associate with.

– Collaborate Boards With Influential Pinterest Users – Associate your brand with tastemakers and dramatically increase your reach.


Pinning Strategies For Boosting Engagement

– Content is king on Pinterest, pinning a constant flow of content on your Pinterest boards is key to boosting engagement.

– Pin at popular times of the day, to ensure your followers are most engaged. Structure your pinning schedule around these times.

– Frequency of pins depends on how often you have good,unique and interesting content to pin. Release your content gradually to ensure you don’t clog someone Pinterest feed.

– Link your pins to the right place, which is usually your website.

– Connect other social networking sites to your Pinterest and Re-pin other users content. Be apart of the community and share other Pinterest users content as a way of being involved.

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Are you big on Pinterest? Leave your Pinterest username in the comments below & share your tips for increasing ROI through Pinterest…

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