Boy does it feel good to get down from a long hike and look back up to where you were standing and say, ‘I just walked to the top of that thing’.


A great one for that reason alone is The Lions Trail in Vancouver. The lions are two dark peaks that you can see from downtown Vancouver nestled in between Grouse and Seymour.  The view from the Lions is truly spectacular, offering a panoramic view of Howe Sound and the Capilano Watershed down to the city of Vancouver. The hike is about eight hours round trip and if you are brave enough to climb to the summit, make sure to bring your climbing shoes. The last part of the hike requires some serious ‘don’t look down’ climbing, although it is totally worth it and safer then you think…

How to get there:  I don’t have a car so I am always using CL ride-share, hitching, bumming rides etc.. This hike is great as you can get there using public transit. Take the bus to Lions Bay and head north east till you get to the back left of the neighbourhood on a street called ‘ Sunset Drive’. You will see a yellow gate, this is your starting gate. Hike up the road for a good 30 minutes till you find an opening and a skinner path uphill, head that way. The hike is relatively mellow for the first 2 1/2 hours, don’t get too comfortable. The last part of the hike is quiet the uphill (great for the buns).  Be sure to fill up your water bottle at the bridge over the waterfall, this is your last chance for the next 5 hours.  Enjoy.





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