Herschel Supply Well Travelled

The 11 mile trail edges beautiful cliffs and provides a scenic view of waterfalls and steep narrow valleys leading to the wild ocean. Take a moment to view images and words from Caley Vanular below.

The journey starts off with a well travelled two mile hike in mud… Watch your step.

Take a break at the first beach.

Have a snack and soak up some rays.

Watch the power of the ocean.

Double knot your laces, you are in for a long walk.

The endless path ways, rugged river crossings and step valleys below are sure to keep your mind racing as you walk the 11 mile trail.

The long and testing trail eventually comes to an end in a big open oasis.

Wild green grass and vibrant red mud welcomes you to the start of paradise.

Finally. Your sore muddy feet have made it to paradise, Kalalau Beach. Take off your shoes, jump in the ocean and sleep in the caves. Stay as long as you can, this is beach is just the beginning…

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