Earlier this August, Foster, Scotty, Bryan and I took a road trip down south to Baja California Sur in Mexico to a little spot called Scorpion Bay. Here are some images from the road.. 0761355-R1-01-2 0761355-R1-02-3 0761355-R1-03-4 0761355-R1-04-50761355-R1-06-7 0761355-R1-07-8 0761355-R1-08-9 0761355-R1-09-10 0761355-R1-10-11 0761355-R1-11-12 0761355-R1-12-13 0761355-R1-13-14 0761355-R1-14-15 0761355-R1-15-16 0761355-R1-16-17 0761355-R1-17-18 0761355-R1-18-19 0761355-R1-19-20 0761355-R1-20-21 0761355-R1-21-22 0761355-R1-22-23 0761355-R1-23-24 0761355-R1-24-250761355-R2-35-36

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