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Kalalau Trail, Hawaii – Roll Two


Due to some recovering injuries we had no intention of hiking the entire 22 mile roundtrip of the Kalalau Trail. We simply wanted to hike to the first waterfall and see how the newly recovered injury felt. We felt like suckers when we got to the first waterfall and kept going… I am glad we did. Here are some images I just found on the end of a roll, enjoy…0761355-R2-12-13 0761355-R2-11-12 0761355-R2-10-11 0761355-R2-09-10 0761355-R2-08-9 0761355-R2-07-8 0761355-R2-06-7 0761355-R2-05-6 0761355-R2-04-5 0761355-R2-03-4 0761355-R2-02-3 0761355-R2-01-2