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W5&H: Mikey LeBlanc Interview

Herschel Supply W5&H

Mikey LeBlanc was once a professional Snowboarder and now co-founder of Holden Outerwear. Below are Mikey’s words on life and such, straight from the heart.

1. Who are you? I have no idea. Really.

2. What do you do? First and foremost, try and spread love.

I work for and co-founded/ co-own HOLDEN Outerwear.

I handle marketing, and like most small businesses many more things day to day.

I enjoy, snowboarding, photos, bike rides, good conversation, etc.

3. Where do you live? VENICE, CA, USA, PLANET EARTH

4. When are you most productive? When I act freely, and I don’t resist any part of the situation at hand.

5. Why outerwear? We make eco-friendlier clothes to keep people feeling good, warm and stylely.

6. How did you get your start? My Mom and Dad this time around. At work I started as a professional snowboarder with an idea to make outerwear that looked like what we wanted to wear every day, and functioned exceptionally well. No one was making gear that transitioned from the MTN to the Street, thats why HOLDEN was a necessity. Before that came skateboarding, which exposed me to so many things, art, music, style, freedom.


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