10 Tips To Promote Your Website, Off Your Website.

Marketing your website requires a marketing mix using various tactics to make it successful. First ensure you have your website set up so you are promoting yourself on your website. Now, take a look at 10 tips to promote your website, off your website:


1. Keyword Advertising

Keyword Advertising can refer to any advertising that is linked to any words or phrases using a pay per click (PPC) or cost per click (CPC) system. Top sites for keyword advertising are Google Adwords or Yahoo! Search Marketing.

2. Email Marketing

When you send out a tweet your message is one of maybe a 1000 tweets your followers see in a day. If you send an email you are one out of maybe a 100. The chance your customer will receive your message is far greater through email marketing, making it an important tool for promoting your website. Want to learn more? Check out my blog post on Email Marketing, here. 

3. Online Advertisements

Retarget marketing and online advertisements are a great way to have your brand viewed off your own website. Buying retargeting ads, or static ads on popular websites will increase traffic to your website simply from consumers clicking through to learn more. Retargeted ads follow your consumer’s IP address as they browse other websites keeping your products fresh in their mind to help increase conversion.  You can purchase these types of ads at adroll.com

4. Link Building and Directories

Get the link to your website out there! Link building aims at increasing the number and quality of inbound links to your website. You can do this by reciprocal linking, resource linking, directory link building and social bookmarking. What all that means is, share the link to your website with directories like Openlist.com or Technorati.com. Create real connections with corresponding brands and bloggers, create networks and share their links on your website so they will share your link on their website. The more inbound links to your website on the internet the better.

5. Community Participation

It is important to connect and communicate online, as the online space is a conversation, not just a place of shameless self promotion. Get out there and interact with your target market on blogs and forms. A great place for this is Reddit.com

6. Email Signature

This is an easy way to promote your website and yourself all the thousands of emails you send. Your email signature is your online business card. Use this space to promote your business, website and social media networks by creating easy to click-through hyperlinks.


Caley Vanular – Digital Marketing Consultant

w. <href=”http://caleyvanular.com/”>caleyvanular.com

i. @caleyvanular

c. 555 555 5555

7. Blogs, Articles, Event Recaps & Reports.

Content is king! Contribute to websites, write blogs, write event recaps and create reports on subjects related to your brand. You don’t have to directly promote your brand/product to market them online. By creating content online you are building your brand and therefore building the brand of your business you represent. Along with building a better reputation, with every piece of content you create there is room to leave a link in your sign off to direct more inbound traffic to your website.

8. Referral & Loyalty Programs

Also known as affiliate marketing, referrals are a great way to get the word out about your website by paying influencers a commission or percentage of sales to refer new customers to your website. This can achieved by signing up for affiliate management websites like <a” href=”https://www.cj.com/”>CJ Affiliate or Clickbank. If you aren’t quite ready for affiliate marketing yet, try to start with a simple rewards program. Consumers love being rewarded for being loyal. Create a stamp card, point system, referral discount or coupon club where consumer can get special discounts on your products.

9. Social Media

This is a given. If you want to be online you have to be in the social sphere. Don’t just sign up for every social media platform you have ever heard of, create a strategy, locate where your target market lives on which social media platforms and join. Less is more if aren’t going to give your social media 100% effort cut down and only be active on one or two instead of ten.

10. Traditional Marketing

Simply sharing your work in the real, offline world will help create interest and bring people back to your website to learn more. Network, travel and share your ideas ensuring you leave a mark on their brain intriguing them to head to the internet to learn more. This can be done using advertising, word-of-mouth, free samples or the classic business card.

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How do you promote your website off your website? Leave your suggestions in the comments section below.